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Thread: NNA Annoucements

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    Quote Originally Posted by DocM View Post
    Can you put a link up that works please Fab?
    Haven't searched the rest of this thread yet, so apologies if it's already happened, but I'll try linking to FB post & survey now..

    FB post:
    Survey itself:

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    So is this a genuine outbreak of peace and love and harmony between AVF and the more mild-mannered of our political advocates at last?

    I mean with Christmas coming - togetherness and goodwill and all that jazz.

    Mind if I throw my own little tomahawk into the pile of hatchets to be buried?
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    but what about the spoons... no one ever buries the spoons !

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    Not sure about the tomahawk comment but its nice to see NNA openly sharing information and include the whole vaping community in their focus.
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    There is and never was any hatchet to be buried on our behalf, all we ever asked was that AVF be used as a spot to pass on information and that the community be treated respectfully and not as a resource base to try and further "a cause" ... AVF has ALWAYS been open to those wishing to inform on matters Vape related, but the division of the community by the "With us or Against us" mentality was never going to fly ... and it wont for as long as I have a position here ....

    I have faith in the NNA and those choosing to support them in moving forward, that they will indeed respect the WHOLE community and not go back down the rabbit hole of past, by displaying a degree of professionalism , forgoing proselytising, and egging on those who do not agree with them with passive aggressive posting

    Now I shall close off this thread so the NNA, if it chooses to do so , can start ANOTHER clean slate and leave it's drama behind ... yet again
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