Insight Queensland is an organisation which provides training for Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) frontline workers, much of which is accessible to virtually anyone. I've accessed quite a bit of their stuff, to complement my ongoing studies in Social Work & Mental Health Peer Work, & for personal reasons, & have found it very interesting.

Next Wednesday, October 10th, at 10am AEST, they're hosting a webinar titled 'The Great Vape Debate'. Bear in mind it's designed for AOD workers, & presented by a public health expert, so I'm not sure what angle they're going to take, however it may be of interest to some of you whichever the angle so I thought I'd share it nonetheless. The full details are as follows:

Associate Professor Coral Gartner (School of Public Health, The University of Queensland) - The Great Vape Debate
by Insight

Wed. 10 Oct 2018
10:00 am – 11:00 am
AEST (QLD time)


This seminar will provide an overview of vaping, including what it is, its potential risks and benefits, arguments for and against using vaping for tobacco harm reduction and legal and regulatory issues. The presentation will also discuss research on vaping as a smoking cessation aid with an emphasis on current research among AOD clients.


- Go to Redback Conferencing to sign into webinar
- Enter this Webinar Registration Code in the “I am a participant” text box 52365378
- Enter a first and last name
- Wait – it may take a minute or two to load
- Turn up the sound on your computer

**NOTE: My location is Surfers Paradise, QLD.

I'd add it to my profile, but Gmail keeps eating my password reset emails, so I can't login via PC, however I'm logged in via the phone app... so this will have to suffice for now!**