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    Legalize Marijuana but not vaping?

    Hi all,
    Apologies for the quick rant but I couldnt help but feel disgusted by the recent media pertaining to the legalization of recreational marijuana use whilst us vapors continue to be ostracized and villianized for pursuing the "healthier" alternative.

    I dont have anything against marijuana ( though in my personal experience I have never particularly enjoyed when trying ) or against anyone that uses - infact im all for encouraging the legalization - however, i cant fathom how it could be even considered to legally sold in Australia whilst we have to jump through so many hoops/beauracratic red tape just to import mere ml of our juice.

    Yes I am probably more frustrated than usual given Ive been caught a bit off gaurd and am waiting for some precious juice to arrive in the mail from NZ without having sensibly stocked up before the christmas period - still, to be it seems completely abhorrent and irks me considerably.

    **end rant.

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    Won't happen.....The gubmunt/s/pollies/wannabe's have been crapping on about this since it was made illegal in the 1950's to get their face in the media. As to vaping, hah!
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    Awwww! Stuff it all!

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