Recent E Cigarette Health Warnings are Rampant With Conflicts of Interest and Media Bias Criticizes Tyler Bullock of E Cig Cabin
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Miami, FL (PRWEB) September 13, 2012

A search for “e-cigarette news” on Google will reveal many articles with titles such as “E-Cigarette Can Damage Your Lungs” or “E-Cigarettes Harm the Lungs”. Bullock's report argues that all of these stories are based off of only one study and don't correctly portray the researcher's findings.

Bullock's article, Negative E-Cigarette News: A Tale of Spun Truth and Conflicts of Interest, found out that there is a potentially huge conflict of interest involving one of the authors of the study. One of Bullock's main points throughout his article just published on E Cig Cabin, popular e-cigarette news and reviews website, is that these news stories are biased due to an erroneous translation of the study. He claims that the simple report was hyped up to be something that it wasn't.

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Pharmaceutical companies......not playing by the rules of Capitalism, trying to stamp out electronic cigarettes.

What would happen if CocaCola began spreading false information discrediting the fruit juice industry?