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Thread: Question : Who is Hon Lik ?

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    Question : Who is Hon Lik ?

    He is our Vaping Jesus. A Chinese pharmacist and the originator of the very technology you use to get that vapour into your mouths.

    All hail Hon Lik.

    But this following document is interesting. A prototype proposal for British & American Tobacco Company.... from back in 1998! 2 years prior to Lik supposedly conceiving the idea.

    Confidential for British & American Tobacco Company

    Who are these Cigatronics people that seem to put a hole in the official history of our great religion ?
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    Seems UKVapers are already on the trail

    BAT had developed e-cig by 1998
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    Wow this is really interesting.

    Just goes to show, big tobac are more interested in making money than peoples health - although we already knew this.

    $3642 Spent on Vaping

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    The saga goes further back than 1998. The smokeless none tobacco cig was conceived in 1963. Dont know how far it went, but not very far I guess?

    The present invention relates to a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette and has for an object to provide a safe and harmless means for and method of smoking by replacing burning tobacco and paper with heated, moist, flavored air; or by inhaling warm medication into the lungs in case of a respiratory ailment under direction of a physician.”

    New Invention of 1963: The Smokeless Non-Tobacco Cigarette | Electronic Cigarette Reviews and Blog
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    Because I trust no-one Who tells me FACTS with no proof



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