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    Why we need to vape.

    We all know the current level of knowledge about ecigs, and we are trying to find out the legal status of importing nicotine in each state while our QLD brothers and sisters are having their nic (possibly illegally) seized. The problem is that ecgs are so new, there is only so much we can possible tell you about them.

    Tobacco smoking on the other hand has been around in one form or another for other 3000 years. Pipe and cigar products have been available since the 17th century, and even back then there were concerns about it's health effects.

    To "know the safety" of a product you need to test it. Eventually you need to do human trials since their are limits to the usefulness of modeling, or testing on other species. Scientifically speaking there is no such thing as "safe". Our bodies are constant chemical reactions in motion and everything about our environment has an effect.

    We've had over 100 years of study to tell us what smoking tobacco, and particularly cigarettes, can do to our bodies and we are STILL learning more. Scientifically we know the risks, even if at an individual level many people (particularly smokers) don't.

    PV's have been around in the form we use them for 7 years. What we have learnt from the testing so far is that vaping is 99% safer for the vaper, and 99.9% for "second hand vapers" than traditional smokers and ETS (Environmental Tobacco Smoke or second hand smoke).

    We don't know what effect it will have on us over 20 or 50 years as it hasn't been around that long. Now I'm not going to say "smoking is killing you" as strictly that's not true. Living is constantly killing you, and smoking can significantly increases the probability of getting something that kills you earlier that the something else that will kill you later on.

    It's maths: Person A smokes and dies at 47 - if he hadn't, then we would have died at 72. Person B dies at smoking at age 64 while if he had been a non smoker would have lived to 70. We learn the risks and we are free to make that call.

    The Catch 22 is that if it wasn't for the decisions of the during the World Wars to give soldiers cigarettes we wouldn't have the body if evidence we do now. We need people to be vaping in order to gain the same amount of long term data!

    Vaping is here and its gotten many Australian to either give up or greatly reduce when otherwise they may well not have. It's scattered enough that the overwhelming majority of peole, including doctors and MPs, know nothing about it, so it's our job to tell them about it.

    We need to clarify the situation in each state of importing nicotine and clarify maximum levels, legalize local production of juice (license for people like JW, Boze and E-Cigz sell us everything), add GST and let Australa and New Zealand show the world how it's done.

    Do we want to reduce smoking rates and not just talk about it?
    We don't need Plain Packaging Legislation - we need vaping.
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