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Thread: Southern Cross Eliquids Australian Made

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    I have tried several of Andrews " Southern Cross " range , and find them totally acceptable.

    I also , started my vaping journey with ECA , and cannot find enough superlatives to describe his help to an absolute noob. 8 months down the track , and I am still tobacco free. ( after an 80 a day habit. Thats right , 80.).

    I am also indebted to Del and Madbunny and Matt , who have also provided superlative service for the different products I have purchased from them.

    As for your cake analogy Shayne , when you first started vaping , were you given explicit directions on how much flavour to base to nicotine you should use ?

    If there were no explicit instructions as to strength , or what might be suitable to your personal taste given , did you just not use that product?

    Have you ever , just on a whim , bought a liquid from a vendor , just because it sounded like it might be something you might enjoy? Without explicit instructions on how strong it might , or might not be ?

    Maybe its just me , and this may not describe you at all , but if a particular liquids piques my interest , I will buy it , and work out the percentages for myself.

    Its not rocket science. You works it out for yourself. What is good for me , may not be good for you. So you adjust .

    Buy his liquid , or dont buy it . But dont make a criticism until you have tried it .

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    Quote Originally Posted by postman View Post

    Buy his liquid , or dont buy it . But dont make a criticism until you have tried it .
    I have never criticised it. It might be the best juice known to man. But I don't buy juices that
    are strong, full-bodied flavours that you can smoke as is or dilute to your taste.
    are strong, full-bodied flavours that you can smoke as is or dilute to your taste.
    That is not a criticism. It's just my personal preference. I want a doubler.


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    I feel you on that shayne. Everyone makes some good points.

    Getting the concentration of flavours exactly right can be a bit tricky I think, so when I buy a doubler I'd prefer it to be something that's been perfected to the vendors tastes when mixed up 1:1. That's just personal preference and I don't have problems with vendors bending the rules it won't stop me from buying something that doesn't conform to this if it's something I really want to try.

    That said I'll often mix weaker or stronger to taste...I just like a place to start at that's had some good thought put into it.

    ECA sound like a good place from what trusted people here have said, I'll have to give them a go one time. The owner sounds pretty helpful which makes it an attractive place to send vape-noobs (so I don't have to teach them everyone myself lol)
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