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    510T LR atomisers

    I recently bought 4 of the above from you (order 4551). I'm using them with 280mAh batteries and tanks that came with the 510T kit (from an o/s vendor). I found the original attie to be great (just a standard one) until I foolishly tried to dismantle it for cleaning.
    However the replacements I bought from yourselves are not working out the same. I've used 2 of the 4 so far, one seems to refuse to take any juice down into the tank and the other is inconsistent at best. Both taste absolutely horrible when not performing (i did clean the primer off before use).
    Is there a known issue with this product?
    Any general advice to get them to work consistently?

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    this is the vendor section, right?

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    You'd be better off emailing them directly at
    or use their website for help

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    Gday Derek,

    Could you give me some more detail mate?

    we have only ever stocked and sold genuine joye 510-t atomizers so unless something has changed im not too sure what it could be.

    Has your juice changed? thicker/thinner etc

    if tasting bad its already burnt out.

    To start a fresh one off i generally fill cart almost to the top (needs air to wick),
    insert into atty as straight as possible trying to keep the cart in line with the inner air holes of the atomizer.(keep cart straight or the inner tube will bend and leak)

    You can even give them a nice primer draw to suck some juice down without firing the ecig.

    give it a few mins to soak the wick, then give it a vape etc.

    some even get a pin and just give the inner tube a light little poke to create more space for juice to seep down, but be careful as you could quite possibly hit the coil if you go too far etc.

    Hope that helps

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    one thing I have found with any of the tanks, but particularly the 510T .. if you lift the tank a mm up on the spike and replace it, you get a few bubbles up the tank every time you do this .. I am patenting it so buzzkill doesn't .. its called the 'Stoney Tank Pump' :P

    seriously, I do it all the time now when I use a 510T, I wouldn't use the LR's personally as i find juice burns to easy unless its kept very very wet and the 510T atty reservoir seems too small for my liking, the standard 510T seems to work great especially if tank pumped.
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