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    Dual coil atomisers

    I've been using 2 of the 1.5ohm attys exclusively for the last 14 days on a genuine ego 1000mah battery. Initial taste and vapor production was very good and slightly better than a Joye 306 LR atty (my favourite atomiser).

    I have found however that they've degraded a fair bit faster than a 306, both in taste and vapor production. Cleaning in soda water hasnt made much of a difference like it does with a 306.

    I havent tried these at higher voltages but I suspect they'd work very well given the dual coil arrangement.

    In summary, these attys are a stellar performer, my only concern is their lifespan. I'll continue to test (with more regular cleaning perhaps) but I'd cautiously recommend them to anyone who is a fan of the 306 LR - the same good taste but significantly more vapor.

    Anyone else care to share their experiences with these?

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    Oh, and before anyone asks - I havent tried dry burning them. I'm not comfortable with that method of atty cleaning given the potential chemical reactions occurring at those high temps.

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    Great! Thanks for the feedback
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