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Thread: A negative review for

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    In my 5 weeks of vaping, I've received orders promptly from 5 Aussie vendors and 1 Chinese vendor.

    Given the high level of service I've experienced with every vendor so far, why would I consider taking a risk with vendors that get bad reviews here?

    This is the message ecigwarehouse need to take on board. The vaping industry is too competitive to let your reputation be tarnished.
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    a bit of history for most of you here.
    I like nelly and alecks, they where old school vapers. no one can doubt his passion back then.
    he was a vendor before i started vaping nearly three years ago. at that time high speed motorcycle deliverys around melbourne to your door where commonplace, he made videos (check vaperzone on youtube for some old classic, funny stuff)
    things where easier back then and its possible the business grew beyond a hobby,.
    I hope he is doing well and doing something he likes.
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    How's 20 days without acknowledgement??? These guys may have delivered the gooda once but they are frauds now, over to Paypal for my $75 back...
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    Buying local made juice is one thing but getting expensive Dekang locally and Nic from overseas makes no sense to me unless you were out of juice and in a hurry.
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    nice signature vaperboy never thought of using Binary
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