3 Hot Flavours from Wizmix!

They say two's company and three's a crowd well not at Wizmix, this trio of sumptuous vapes is sure to please everybody.

You'll have a blast with Nuclear Plusion, a seriously intense vape. Tried Menthol Asylum yet?
Well put that in the freezer and turn the dial to Sub Zero and you'll have Brain Freeze.
Want a traditional tobacco liquid? then it's no mystery....The Sherlock is for you.
This arresting vape is straight out of 221B Baker St.
We're sure you'll love these flavours, more new e-liquids coming soon.

Handle with care!
Warning: Nuclear Plusion packs a megaton punch of flavours and vapour.
A must have vape that won't cause your taste buds to meltdown.
You don't need to wear a biosuit while vaping Nuclear Plusion,
but we're sure it'll add to the experience.

Sub Zero Vape!
Brain Freeze is a seriously minty vape that laughs at the Kelvin Scale!
Think a night in Antartica with no tent and only a packet of mints for company, BRRRRR!

Elementary Watson!
Get transported back to the 1890's with The Sherlock,you'll detect a truly authentic tobacco vape.
It doesn't take Columbo or Miss Marple to figure out that.

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