You asked, we listened - and here's what we got for you :
*Cheeky V
*Spear Minty
*Pomegranate Passion

Cheeky V : A wonderful mix of fruit flavours - raspberries, blackcurrant and grapes to name but a few.
Jagerbomb : An old best seller, brought back to life! Wizmix's Jagerbomb e-liquid
will bring you back to those hedonistic late nights....without the hangover

Spear Minty : Cool, fresh and deliciously refreshing take on Spearmint.
Pomegranate Passion : And exotic, sweet pomegranate flavour (without pips).
Recommend giving them a go - you just might find an new ADV.

Oh and if you have a problem with falling eGo battery's...
Not anymore ; suction style, plastic ego holders are now in stock.