They say bigger is always better but not when it comes to the Olympian Mini Ego Kit!! The Olympian Mini Ego is exactly what it says it is a smaller version of the fantastic Olympian Ego Tank that performs just as well as its larger counterpart!

The Mini Ego takes a 350mah battery, which we will also be stocking at 8.99, with a fully functioning locking mechanism plus 2 cartomisers, a USB charger and a cover cone is all included in the kit. The cover cone adds a bit of shape to an already fantastic looking electronic cigarette device that is available in either a stainless steel or black finish.

Take a look at the video below to see what eCigWizard's Ben makes of the Mini Ego and you can see for yourselves just how well it works.

They are now available on our website so go grab yours to prove that big is not always better! They will retail at 16.99 but are avilable at 14.99 up until midnight on Friday 6th July!

Click here to get yours: Olympian Mini Ego Kit - the baby Ego!