So we switched to a new site a while back.
Most of the transition went nice and smoot, but as always there are some exceptions.

New crypting system used on passwords prevented us from using users old information.
So if you haven't done this yet -> go to login and press the 'forgot your password?' link.

LoyaltyPoints -> WizPoints - there were some things that needed double and triple check before launch.
And again because the coding is different from before we can't automatically transfer old points.

So if you are one of our old and loyal customer, and your points are missing - please do the following :
Send email to :
Subject : Loyalty Points / Wiz Points
Message : Could you please update my old points.
It will take some time for our IT guys to work all the accounts and points.
But with your help and email that you wish to get your old points they'll know what to do.

We are truly sorry for the extra trouble the change for the new site might have brought.
But do note that there are things that are much better, and in the future it's much easier for us to make changes.
How-to use WizPoints?
It's much easier in the new system then what it was at the old site.
If you have points in your account you will see the amount under the shopping cart on the top right corner.
Now to use them on your purchases, go to Cart.
There you will see Spend your points and a scrollbar underneath "You Will Spend: X Points".
By adjusting that you can control the amount of points you wish to use as payment.

Underneath that you can also find Discount Codes-field.
If you have a community or personal code you can enter that there.
Problems finalizing your order?
When you enter Payment Review Part (this comes after payment clearing).
You got two address fields and a ToS that needs to clicked as 'read and agreed'.
Doublecheck that your address is correct and all the information needed is there (doorcode, house number, phone).
Then you need to read/agree the ToS - there's an box that you need to tick.
"Still I can't press the last button!?!"
You need to'Update order data' and NOW you can finalize the order.