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    New Indulgence Kits Just Arrived

    eVape now has indulgence V2 6V Starter Kits that come with HV atomisers and e-juice. The kits come with twin 1000 mAH batteries so they are built to last. We have dropped the old 400 mAH batteries that the indulgence used to come with. These kits are truly 6 volts, no need to buy extras or upgrades such as atty's, batteries, cups etc which can cost a pretty penny in addition to the 3.7V that needs upgrades to make it 6V.
    The real excitement with this release is that they are only $70.00 for the starter.
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    Re: New Indulgence Kits Just Arrived

    Looks good yer.. I've yet to give 6v vaping a try.. don't think it's for me though.. but definitely looks like a solid deal you have there.

    One thing (there's always something right? ), your site says "The batteries are a whopping 2000 mAH (2 x 1000mAH)" but this is not true. 2 x 1000mAh batteries is still 1000mAh because the current will draw from both batteries equally and the batteries will equalise/balance out. So it's really only 1000mAh but don't get me wrong, this is still an awesome amount of capacity.. just that it is not 2000mAh.
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    I'm in - I just ordered two kits. Boing Boing Boing I can hardly wait to say goodbye to the tank's cold vape.

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    Well the kits arrived today, Thanks Matt. The very first thing that came to mind on my first vape was - WOW - Its WARM!!!

    I don't think the amount of vapour has increased greatly. In my mind I was expecting clouds of vapor that takes ages to clear away like on Light487's vids, and nor to a certain extent has the flavour increased compared to say a LR 3.7volt Cartomizer (I'm using Del's Ultimate Pipe tripler in both) but it's WARM with a really nice TH, it's actually very pleasant.

    The kit comes nicely packed with all the adapters to fit any kind of atty, as this uses two batteries you get two battery chargers which will fit on a double power point nicely for recharging. I don't know how long they will take to charge as the batteries come pre-charged.
    The only thing I would complain about is the passthrough cable, It's TOO short. I would probably say about 2/12 feet long which makes me have to stoop down whilst sitting at my desktop (Half tower). I'm thinking it would be perfect on a notebook (which I'll try tonite). I guess a powered usb hub may be the answer for a half tower PC.
    There's no safety switch on the button and no lights to tell you if the power is going to the atty so I could see that could be a problem if left in a pocket.

    As this is my first foray into 6volt vaping I'd say it's the perfect introduction to anyone thinking of going down the Provari path but without the ridiculous cost.



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