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    A BIG thank you to eVape

    Hey guys,

    Just to let you know that in December I bought an eVape eGo deluxe kit from you which arrived within an excellent timeframe but was missing the car charger. For some reason or another, I couldn't contact you via email but let you know via your messaging system on your website. I was a little concerned about not receiving it due to me being a first-time customer and first impressions always count.

    While away on holidays in Adelaide, I concerted my auntie over to vaping from analogues and placed another order between Christmas and New Year. Geez, did it get delivered quickly! I found that the package was opened and resealed but not only was the replacement car charger in there but some extra flavours!

    Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I love your service and will continue using your products.

    Damo (purple tallest/Mr Gone)

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    Re: A BIG thank you to eVape

    Hi Damo,

    Thanks for your feedback. So sorry for the mix up with your charger. We certainly agree that first impressions do count. Unfortunately, we had a family crisis during that time and had to travel interstate at the drop of a hat, so our emails were not attended to for a couple of days. Having saw your message on the site regarding the charger, we realised it was yourself who needed it resent, so needed to open the package to put the charger and extras inside with your second order.
    We appreciate your business and it is certainly good news that you have managed to convert your aunty to vaping from analogues. Great stuff!
    Again, we appreciate the feedback.
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    Very good service

    It is great to see the conversation between a customer and the supplier. It has both happy and sad side. At last, your service is appreciated "purple tallest". Hope not to make such mistakes again because is does matters a lot in terms of reputation of your company.



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