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Thread: [Forum Behavior] Jato's Stance

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    [Forum Behavior] Jato's Stance


    I think it is time to make it clear what I expect from users, what behavior I will tolerate from users and how I expect moderators to be treated moving forward. The behavior of the last month has been frankly beyond disgusting and centers for the most part around a central body of users.

    Regardless of how you feel about a moderator, or a moderators decision, it is until further review by me the final word on any subject.

    Moderators are not paid by AussieVapers, they receive nothing in return for donating their time other than the satisfaction of being able to contribute. Derailments of threads by attacking, abusing and calling into question the actions of the moderators moving forward will be grounds for further investigation to be taken against all users involved. If I or another moderator catches you doing this I will look at you personally and take whatever action I feel required. This is not up for discussion, this will simply be how it is moving forward. There are means to have this addressed, shitting up every second thread you see to get your point across is not one of them. All it does is annoy other users, derails everything insight and ensures flamewars everywhere.

    There is room to move within the system, nothing is perfect. If you disagree with an issue of moderation please take the following details:

    * A link to the thread in question
    * Time
    * Moderator (If known)
    * Issue at hand

    PM me these contents and I will investigate. If a post/thread/otherwise needs to be re-inspected this will be done. In the future I will probably introduce a hidden, invite only subforum that allows people to discuss their case with all moderators.


    If any user makes a threat that I even think borderline insinuates that said user will take forum issues out into the wide world, including but not limited to;

    * Physical violence
    * Assault
    * Death threats
    * Anything that looks like the above

    I will lock your account, give you a chance to explain it (Its an in joke, we know each other, etc). If you are not able to satisfy my requirements, I will ban you and you will never be welcome to return. We need to be clear on this, I DO NOT CARE WHAT YOUR REASON IS FOR MAKING SAID THREAT! I do not care if you were called a bad name, had a mother that did not love you, a poor childhood, child of divorce, etc. If you have an issue with a user report it and MOVE ON. Lowering yourself to their level and worse by resorting to threats will NOT be tolerated and will only ensure in the end that I have two bans to hand out in most cases rather then the one that it may have been.

    Private messaging system

    Few things to point out here. I CAN read your PM's. However, I do not. I like to believe we have fostered a relationship of trust. That being said however if a user provides me with evidence of abuse through the PM system you will be contacted and I will get to the bottom of it. If you are discovered to be continually harrasing a user via the PM system I will take further action. This will range from removing your ability to use the PM system, through probations, through to bans at my discretion.

    Backseat Moderation

    If a moderation needs to be made, a user needs to be correct or brought into line this will be done BY THE MODERATORS. I do not care if you have been here for five minutes or five years, unless you have the tag "MODERATOR" under your user title you are not authorised by me to attack, belittle, insult and gang up on members to push your view of how "AVF should be". If you have an issue you want looked at, you bring it to me. You do not take it into your own hands and just start inventing your own rules.

    Non Specific

    It is more difficult to moderate a forum that is rapidly growing than some may think. In the last month alone AVF has jumped by almost 100% in active users. I am surrounded by users that belong to different groups that all have different demands, wants and needs. Making a change to placate one often results in me pissing off another. In attempting to maintain a balance between all the walks of AVF I have actually made it worse. It is time for me to crack down and enforce what I believe is "best" for AVF rather then letting my actions be dictated by more people than I can count.

    A lot of you this evening are going to be unhappy about this post. From those that have seen it I have already had "Unaustralian/Against the AVF spirit/Unfair/Killing larakinisim/etc" in response to this post.

    The community has asked time and time again that we not go down an ECF route where we enforce overly heavy moderation. So we decide to sit back and let things run their course and what do we receive in turn? Abusive PM's, threads of complaints and threats to leave. So we take the opposite tact, we try to do a bit more moderation and what do we receive? Abusive PM's, claims of conspiracy theories, bias, etc. There is just no pleasing everyone and a middle ground needs to be found.

    AVF is not perfect, there is going to be growing pains as we adjust to new people entering our fold, members from other forums, countries and cliques that may not be attuned to our ways. All I can try and do as we move forward is ensure that AVF grows with it. Failure to adept in the long run will only ensure there is no AVF left to adept in the first place. At the end of the day the last thing I or any other moderator wants to do is actually have to moderate. I ask of you all to do your part to ensure that moderation is a rare and well deserved event as opposed to the norm.

    Please do not take the above to mean that we are suddenly going to go Nazi everything. We just need to draw a line in the sand, that line has been drawn. If you do not like the line obviously that is your choice to make and mine to bear but at least we all know now where that line lies. At the end of the day I want an AVF that is welcoming of all users from all walks of life, not a select few that feel AVF exists as their private clubhouse with them as the bouncers. That is a decision for me to make. I want AVF to remain a welcoming, trusting place where we can all meet to discuss what brought us here in the first place. Not a place where we tell each other to **** off and die, tell people their mothers should have aborted them, threaten people etc.

    I am sorry to those that will chose to believe that this kind of AVF is not a part of AVF that they wish to be a member of, I can only hope that in time this changes.

    Please remember I am contactable here, I work a job with strange hours so replies will not always be quick but I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.

    Other existing issues:

    There are still some outstanding issues that I AM AWARE of. The people that are involved know what I am talking about. I just pulled a week of 20 hour days, stay tuned for updates in this section shortly. I will be covering some issues that were had with the vendors section, these issues have not been ignored.

    TL;DR: Old man version

    * Dont call mods [f**kwits/chavs/knobs/know nothings/etc] in a nother users thread. Report it to a senior mod, if that fails send it to me ill look at it for you.
    * Do not threaten RL retaliation for forum posts
    * Do not use the PM system to abuse others
    * Please report issues of concern to your moderators
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