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Thread: [AVF] Rules; Read or risk infractions/bans [Updated 05/05/13]

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    [AVF] Rules; Read or risk infractions/bans [Updated 05/05/13]

    [Rules] Aussievapers Forum Rules

    AVF is an 18+ forum. While we acknowledge the act of Smoking is not limited to people of 18 years or over we do ask that all members be above the legal smoking age before joining the forum ... if you are not 18 years of age we of course cannot stop you using the forum as a resource just like any other site on the web. However to be an active member of the AVF community we require you to be at least 18 years of age.

    This thread contains the comprehensive listing of all AVF forum rules including the general forum rules but also extending to cover the policies and rules for our numerous sub forums.

    Every member of AVF should be aware of and familiar with these rules. Please also be aware that these rules are subject to change at any time. If a particular rule or expectation should
    only be held to a subforum further information can be found in the subforum listing further down the page.

    Site Rules

    The AussieVapers forum is a privately owned system which I choose to provide to the community under limited access conditions. AVF reserves the right to remove your access, without warning, notice or contact for any reason which we may or may not chose to disclose.

    General Forum Etiquette

    These are designed to cover all forums and sub forums and outlines a general expectation of behaviour during your visit.

    1. Please do your best to remain polite and show respect to all other forum and community members. If someone posts something that you think could be considered offensive by a majority please do not respond to them in the thread but instead use the report post function to notify the administrators and moderators of the post or thread. The report post icon can be found next to every post please do use it.

    2. When quoting please quote selectively instead of re-quoting gigantic chunks, quote instead the portions relevant to the post you intend to make.

    3. There is to be no copyrighted material on the forums unless you own the copyright or distribution is permitted of said content. This is mostly to weed out the obvious.

    4. Please try and ensure all new threads are posted in the most relevant subforum. Descriptions are provided for all sub-forums are available on the front page. Threads posted in the incorrect sections may well be closed and the creator of the thread asked to recreate in the relevant sub forum.

    5. No crossposting! If you post multiple copies of the same message/thread in multiple sub forums your threads may be closed or deleted. Continue doing so after being asked to stop could result in infractions upon your account.

    6. No posting of personal information without prior consent from said person! This is included but not limited to, email, phone numbers, real names, street or postal addresses and more.

    7. Do not attempt to outsmart the word filter. There are certain words and phrases here censored for a reason (some of them legal) but the fact they are censored should be a clear indication AVF does not want them used. An attempt to circumvent it could result in your post being edited or deleted.

    8. Try to use effective and relevant titles for your threads. Thread titles that contain personal attacks, insults, swearing or anything that looks like the above may be edited or deleted or a moderator at our discretion.

    9. If you need to amend your post please use the edit function available to all users as opposed to creating multiple consecutive posts.

    10. Always perform a search before posting a new thread! What you need to know may have already been asked or there could already be an active thread.

    11. The Moderator is always right . The only recourse to this is by appeal to the Forum Admin to deal with as he sees fit. Until then please respect the Moderator and his/her role at AVF

    Abusive Messages

    1. Illegal, offensive, abusive, threatening or deliberately inflammatory or accusatory messages are not to be posted in the forums nor sent to other users by Private Message. If the admins are made aware of any such conduct the messages will be deleted and offenders may be banned.

    Spam, Affiliate Links, Vendor links etc.

    1. Do not spam the forums or send unsolicited bulk messages through the Private Message system to members. If you would like to have a presence on the forum please contact JatoOspry the owner of the site using the private message system. In a future update due soon I will provide a contact for this specifically so vendors may get in touch.

    2. Affiliate programs or links containing affiliate identifiers are not to be posted including as a part of your signature! Signatures that exist as nothing more than a way to generate advertising for vendors are also not tolerated and will be removed or edited by an administrator.

    Useless posts / Posts that contribute nothing

    1. Useless posts and threads that add nothing to the thread at hand are not welcome at AVF and will be deleted
    2. Examples of the above that do not add to the quality of the forum include posts which contain limited discussion outside of "LOL, OMG ROFL, WTF, +1, 10char" etc. A simple way to understand the intended effect of this rule is to ask if what you are about to post adds to the quality of the discussion or AVF in general, if it does not please save your time and the time of the moderators and refrain from posting it.

    Adult Content

    1. Adult content of any kind (Pornography, softcore or hardcore, images of sexual nature) is not to be posted on AVF. The forums are comprised of people from all walks of life and AVF is frequently accessed from many corporate sites and work places where unexpected adult content is not considered appropriate. On top of this such content can get AVF placed on lists which could reduce access for community members. Posts and threads considered to be in breach of this will be deleted.

    Forum Bans

    1. Forum bans are a method that may be used by members of the moderation and administration team when a rule breach is considered severe enough or consistent abuse is seen by a user
    2. Depending on the nature of the issue at hand moderators/administrators may choose to provide a warning first to all involved participants but this is not required and will not be grounds for revering a ban, weather or not to pre-warn a user is at our discretion.
    3. There is no set time table for banning periods. It is at the discretion of the moderation/administration team. Modifying the duration of a ban is at the discretion of the moderator who issued the ban or in extreme cases the site administrators.
    4. If you are the recipient of multiple bans each time you are banned the length of time you are banned for will increase resulting in being permabanned for continual bad behaviour.
    5. If you read, understand and follow the above rules and any further instruction from the administration/moderation team (For example, "This discussion is over please do not start a new thread") then it is unlikely you will ever need to worry about being banned.
    7. We do not ban for the fun of it, if the reason for your banning is not clear you may contact an administrator/moderation team member for further information. Should you have real reason to believe that a ban was not fairly applied you may personally send me a PM and I will investigate as the forum owner. Please note this does not mean I will be unapproving bans, this is likely to be in rare cases where perhaps there really has been an issue.


    1. One account and one account only. Users found to be abusing multiple accounts will be banned. If you are banned and you attempt to create another account it and all subsequent accounts as they are found will be banned. Should the behaviour continue abuse complaints will be lodged against recorded addresses.

    2. By becoming a member of the community forum, you agree not use the community Forums to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy or otherwise violative of any law. You as the poster remain solely responsible for the content of your messages including those sent over the private message system or any other means of transmission utilising AussieVapers, and you agree to indemnify and hold anyone else, including community and the Forum Operators, harmless with respect to any claim based upon transmission of your message or messages.

    3. By choosing to becoming a member of the forums, you indicate your agreement that the contents of all messages are the responsibility of the individual message posters and therefore agree not to hold AussieVapers, the Forum Operators or any other entity associated with the Forums responsible or in any way liable for damages of any kind with respect to the content of any message on the AussieVapers Forums and to the extent permitted by law you waive any and all rights to make claims against AussieVapers, the Forum Operators or any other entity associated with the Forums. You agree that if you have a complaint about a message or post contained within the Forums your first and only action will be to notify an Administrator so that we may remove the message if necessary.

    If you do not agree to the terms as set out above or do not wish to abide by the terms outlined above for the duration of your stay please do not become a member or feel free to abandon your membership. There are almost unlimited community options and you are more than free to join them if the above terms are not palatable to you.
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    *** Classified Rules ***

    The classifieds are a place that allows community members and community members ONLY to sell occasional products time to time. It is not intended to facilitate commercial levels of trade and is not intended for use by vendors. Should you wish to breach this an infraction will be placed against your account, multiple infractions could lead to a ban.

    The seller has the right to ask whatever price they would like for an item however sellers should also be aware that should the item you are selling be available for a lower price in total including with shipping that members are authorised to disclose this information provided the requirements are met. Please see below for more details in the "Allowed responses section".

    Outside of this the classifieds are run as a free market and the administration and moderation team will not be controlling nor influencing either buyers or sellers for any reason provided the rules are followed. Please do not open further threads on the forum discussing the classifieds or the rules that are put in place. Should you continue to do so an infraction will be placed against your account and multiple occurrences could result in a ban.

    1) If you are caught shill bidding or encouraging others to bump your thread to generate more than a natural level of interest all of those involved will be banned.

    2) There is to be no selling of NEW items within the classified section. Only vendors may offer new items for sale and they may not do so within the classified forums, only through vendor forums and subforums.

    3) The ONLY thing that should be PM'ed between both parties concerned is personal details and banking/paypal details.

    4) All threads must contain an item location in the thread title. All posters must have their location filled out in profile.

    5) If you're not bidding, asking a genuine question, or providing a link where the item can be found at a lower price, then do not post. More information on allowed post types is listed below.

    6) No sales using the PayPal gift option. ALL sales made using PayPal must be via the 'goods' option in PayPal. This provides a level of protection for both buyer and seller.

    7) No nicotine or juices containing Nicotine are to be sold or traded on this forum. This also covers using slang terms to hide the trade of Nicotine juices. Take it offsite. ZERO TOLERANCE. You will receive a 48 hour ban for your first offence and your thread will be removed. Further breaches of this rule will lead to your permanent removal.

    8) If you are selling an item elsewhere please do not offer it for sale here. If we find out we will close the thread.

    9) Please respect honesty in advertising , if you are selling gear that is not made by the original designer/retailer( i.e. a copy clone or counterfeit) you must disclose it in the title of the ad e.g "Nemesis ( copy) for sale" or "Nemesis (clone) for sale" . Likewise if you are selling Authentic equipment it is in your best interests to include that information e.g. " Nemesis ( Auth.) " Failure to identify it as a copy may result in the ad being deleted at the moderators discretion.

    Allowed response types on for sale threads:

    Allowed Reply Types:

    There are four types of response I and the moderation team will consider acceptable in a for sale thread, if you can not meet the following criteria or do not intend to purchase do not post
    or you will receive an infraction on your account, multiple infractions will result in a ban:

    * Bids: No lowballing, they must be based in reality. If the item is offered starting at 1000 and you bid 200 dollars you will be considered to be trolling and your post will be removed. If the seller has listed a reserve and stated that they will not accept bids below the reserve, do not bid below the reserve. All bids are final, failure to conclude the purchase with the seller will result in an infraction. Multiple infractions will result in a ban.

    * Questions for the seller regarding the specifics of the item for sale: Questions or posts that have nothing to do with the sale at hand will result in an infraction being placed against your account, multiple infractions will result in a ban.

    Links to a shop where the same item is available for a lower price, with shipping taken into account: The item must be available and in stock for shipping at the time of the sale.

    Replies from sellers to any of the above.

    *** VENDORS***

    In the short future I will be overhauling the vendor service. Vendors who require/want a subforum will need to pay a yearly fee. I will have other tiers of vendorship for those who do not require a subforum and all the work that goes into it. With that in mind the following rules apply to those with VENDOR status;

    1. Those with Vendor status as per regular users are held to the provisions in the TOS and the general forum users as per any other user. If you disagree with this you must terminate your service without delay.

    2. Vendors will abide by all rules laid out below, failure to agree or failure to do so will result in your status being terminated. No refunds and no recourse will be provided if the infractions are clear attempts to subvert our rules.

    3. Vendors may participate in all areas of the forum save for the following:

    * Reviews
    * New Vapers forum ... Any advertising or touting for business here is liable for immediate and permanent bans .

    4. Vendors may participate in another vendor thread/subforum while ever said vendor allows you to do so. If you are asked to leave or cease posting by the vendor whose thread or subforum you are interacting in you will do so or risk moderation.

    5. Vendors may not not post negative material about any supplier, their product or their services.

    6. Vendors may discuss the benefits of their products/services ONLY within their subforum and must do so without putting the products and services of other vendors down.

    6a. Vendors who are not allotted a dedicated sub-forum may post a thread in the Vendor General forum. Multiple threads are NOT encouraged without direct moderator approval ( Which shall be granted if you want to run an AVF giveaway or similar which warrants an extra thread )

    7. Vendors MAY NOT discuss their products/services/branding/etc OUTSIDE OF THEIR SUBFORUM AT ANY TIME. If you post in Vendor General that means your subforum IS Vendor General !

    8. Vendors MAY NOT use the tagging system for any reason at any time.

    9. Vendors are not to use the PM system to contact a user who has not asked them to do so at any time for any reason.
    9a. This applies to abuse of the email contact feature as well ... Zero tolerance!

    10. You may not encourage users to spam AVF on your behalf. This is at the discretion of myself in any incidents where this may occur.

    11. As with any other user vendors may NOT have multiple identities. If you are found to be in breach of this your status will be terminated
    and no recourse offered.

    12. I can add to this list at any time as I feel fit.
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    Signatures and avatars first posted 22/3/14 here Signatures and avatars

    Just a friendly reminder to all that signatures and avatars on AVF should not be linking to business's or other forums or social media sites
    Nor should AVF be treated as a farm for other social media sites .

    1. Signatures:

    I will be banning all signatures that link to the following locations:

    A) Vendors websites
    B) Alternative vaping forums
    C) Anything of a commercial nature relating to vaping

    As part of this do not think you can sneak it into your avatar because I will ban it from there as well and you with it should you insist to try and flout this rule.

    If you are found to have breached this condition of using AVF the offending link/signature/avatar can and will be deleted with no further discussion on the matter ... Bans may also be issued

    Also be mindful that AVF is a community , it does NOT exist to drive traffic to other forms of social media ... links posted anywhere may be removed at the discretion of the site owner or moderators ... Please respect this , exceptions may be made for non-profit or educational sites etc , but again this is solely at the Moderators discretion .
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    Vaping since 2007 totally smoke free since 2011

    AVF Rules , Read and understand them

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    Glaringly obvious 18+ omission corrected and inserted
    EPM V2-18490 (X2 ),GP Spheroid V2.5 and GP Piccolo V2.5 ,BBCB, Provari mini's, REO mini V2.1, 18490 REO , Jazz Carto Pipes ( fitted with GA tank and churchwarden stem Totally Evil!!! ), Meerschaum pipe ,e-holly35W,Phideas, AIOS,Taifun atties, PC Pipe mods.PC Squonker, Svapiamo squonker, GP Paps Heron combo.

    Vaping since 2007 totally smoke free since 2011

    AVF Rules , Read and understand them



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