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Thread: AVF - Non SSL

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    AVF - Non SSL

    Am I the first one to notice that there is no https to this forum? I posted this in another thread but thought I'd create a new thread.

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    A lot of the time, sites have the option, it's just not forced on, and physically typing the https will enable it, but not so here.

    The debate of this is a can of worms

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    The bottom line is that sadly whilst there are many great active moderators, the one bloke that owns the site and does the server admin is either too busy or doesn't give a crap about the place to do anything about it. (Or both)

    It's a shame as it wouldn't cost any more than he is paying in hosting already to do it properly, and there's thousands of people here that would help him out financially or technically if he did want to upgrade the back end. Instead it is just becoming a risky place to visit, more so for those less tech savvy who take it for granted that a site owner of a local vaping forum would care about their security.



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