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Thread: Further PM System Abuse

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    Further PM System Abuse

    Recently mods became aware of a member using the PM system to encourage QLD users ( and others presumably) to contact a person via a mobile phone in regard to forwarding nicotine domestically ... the phone number provided was the contact number of a couple of business's in Tasmania that deal in vaping, so they should be more than aware of the "supply issue" regarding this .

    These PMs are not IMO "helping a vaper out", as they are disguised to be, but yet another example of a particular individual misusing the forum to direct vapers to business/'s ...

    The account in question has been taken care of, however history suggests a new account will soon appear and it will be rinse and repeat ...

    Make no bones about it this is not someone lending a helping hand in my opinion but a person determined to fake it til they make it, and possibly has a long and chequered past with AVF...

    I urge any and ALL members of AVF to stand up to this ... this case is someone clearly pretending to care about vapers, but in reality I dont think that is the case... QLD vapers , just like the rest of us face the same import challenges, this is just trading on the fear and ignorance surrounding the recent Toll Freight/Qld Health debacle and is a pretty low act IMO !!!

    Please report unsolicited mail like this ... its not someone doing you a solid, its someone looking after themselves dressed up .
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    Dear Fatman - I am currently trying to abuse the pm system by providing you with unsolicited mail - Please empty your inbox!

    Here is a 'random' pic for your trouble

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    Funny, I didn't get a pm and I'm in Qld hmmmmm
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