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    The sad passing of GTadmin ( Graham Taylor )

    I thought all the AVF community should know that GT Passed away at the Whyalla hospital yesterday afternoon ....

    I will post the content here of the announcement I have made over on ViA , He , like me, loved AVF so much ...

    "It is with an extremely heavy heart that I pass on to the ViA and wider vaping community the sad news of the passing of Graham Taylor , or GT (GTadmin) yesterday afternoon in Whyalla Hospital

    Out of respect for the family I wanted to give them an evening of private mourning before publicly posting on the web.

    GT was an amazing man, who I am sure touched many lives both in the real and virtual worlds , I am immensely proud to call him my friend in both.

    There is not ONE vaper who ever frequented either AVF or ViA or ECF which he did not affect, whether they knew it or not ... He worked tirelessly administrating, overseeing, experimenting, improving, helping, and being such a steady part of these communities.

    ViA in particular owes him an incredible debt because without him , it truly would not have been born ... Most older vapers will know of the frustrations we as Mods had at AVF , and for me personally GT was a rock ( along with Ingrid of course!)... The man I could always turn to for help and advice and just support in the times I was stressing or low ... He was always by my side for the good times too ... It was rare that we weren’t in daily contact , we always had a skype box on the side .

    GT built ViA to address the needs of Australian Vapers for a safe place, to congregate and help each other out, share a bit of fun and knowledge.
    It cost him a hell of a lot of time and sweat, and at great personal and even financial cost.

    All while fighting literally for his life.

    What many, if not all, other people did not know, was that Graham was also diagnosed with bowel cancer a little over two and a half years ago and has had a large section of his bowel removed. Unfortunately that cancer had also spread to his liver and to a smaller degree his lungs , he was undergoing the highest levels of chemotherapy and radiography over multiple programs for that entire time since, he had a large part of his liver removed, and for the majority of that time was fitted with a colostomy bag which had only very recently been made redundant as they reconnected his bowel only two weeks ago ...

    Throughout ALL of this, his faith and stoicism never publicly lapsed , his favourite phrase was :

    "Its a whole lot better than the alternative!!! "

    He did not run from his diagnosis, and he fought that bastard EVERY step of the way.

    The mark of the man himself was that only a very few even knew what he was going through, because in his own inimitable style, he NEVER wanted anyone to make excuses for him or feel the slightest amount of pity. It was hard for us who shared that journey with him not to share it with others, so they too could show how deeply he had affected their lives, but we promised him and that was the end of the matter .

    He was determined to do the best he could, and he did...Even to the point where hardened cancer specialists and nurses were gobsmacked by his attitude and determination... he was their "Golden Boy" in many ways and much respected and admired by those treating him .

    His thoughts were always about others, most especially his wife Dee & Family, and he made sure despite everything, they would be as prepared and comfortable as they could be . There was never a moment in all that time where I ever heard him utter a "poor me"

    When I think of courage.... I think of GT
    When I think of compassion.... I think of GT
    When I think of bloody-mindedness... I think of GT
    When I think of depth of character... I know I have a lot to live up to... compared to GT!

    This of course doesn’t make him a saint ... he had a wickedly dry sense of humour. His OCD would drive me nuts
    He was a perfectionist ( which drove me nuts).
    He was set in his ways ( which drove me nuts) ...

    ....but it was a GOOD kind of nuts

    The kind of nuts that could only come from a man trying to do the right thing above all else and I loved him for that, I really loved him for that .

    Today and tonight I want you all to take to your loved ones, be with them, share something special, whether its a phone call, a quiet moment, or something as simple as a nice hot cuppa.... just to be with them ... in that moment.... because those moments can end, and life is just a collection of all those little moments tied together in a string, a string that we will never know how long or far or wide it goes .

    GT and I started out as a couple of vapers, thrust together by our roles at AVF, and we became great, real life friends, in the moments we strung together in the last half a decade of so ... My only regret is not having met him earlier in my life , because I know, if not for that bastard cancer , that we were indeed lifelong friends.

    I am honoured to have broken bread with him, I am honoured to have opened my heart and home to him, and most of all I am honoured to have had the limited time on this earth with him as my friend.

    He wasn’t a man of big open emotions, but they were there alright and they were strong .

    My world ( and I am sure the worlds of many others too) is far better for him walking through it ...

    Vale GT ... to those you have left behind, especially Dee and the kids, lives have been changed and you have left your mark on the world and in the hearts of those who knew you...

    You were and are forever... A truly GOOD man !
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    Vale` Graham. Great man. Sorry to hear that.
    Awwww! Stuff it all!

    Smokeless from 10/02/15 Thanks immensely to AVFers old guard!
    Heaps of stuff in high rotation

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    GT your contribution to the vape community is beyond words but your contribution to those who knew and loved you even greater

    I am not the smartest at times - but even I know that much

    GT may you journey well to where ever it is you are going

    and thankyou FM for posting - I know you have been friends for years now

    Please take care of yourself too
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    Poor Graham. He was a lovely guy and was only too happy to help out when you needed help. Rest in peace good sir.

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    Rest In Peace brother... you will not be forgotten.

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    Vale GT
    very sad news
    thanks for posting Simon
    RIP 22.12.2016

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    Truly sad news, thinking of your family gt. Rest in peace brother.
    emu's pre-loved

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    Damn, never news you want to hear. RIP GT
    ---Juice Junkie​---

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    Wow. Very sad news.

    Rest in peace GT. My deepest condolences go out to your family.

    Thanks for letting us know here too Simon. Its been a pretty shitty couple of months. We've now lost two valued members of
    AVF and the community

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    I am so sorry to read this very sad news - my thoughts are with his family and friends grieving his loss - GT was a very good person who touched many lives and he will be missed by many.

    Thank you Simon for thinking of us here and letting us know.

    Where all think alike, no one thinks very much.


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