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    First International Purchase

    Hi friends,

    Last night I made my first purchase from HealthCabin. I've listed the items I purchased for my wife and I.

    You may notice some odd values for quantities, these are the result of the shipping costs. There was an increase of around $5 in shipping for orders over 1500g (mine was something like 1496g). Will update as order progresses.

    Date Ordered: 13/03/2013:02:00am
    01 x 115ml HC Unflavored E-liquid (Z8 HC Unflavored 115ml), base 100%VG, Strength 36mg
    02 x 115ml HC Unflavored E-liquid (Z8 HC Unflavored 115ml), base 100%PG, Strength 36mg
    10 x 10ml Dekang EJ (misc flavours)
    01 x eGo Steel Sleeve Cone (Type C/Type D/Type E/Type F) (F-D7 DC TypeCD), Color Chrome, Style Type C
    01 x eGo Steel Sleeve Cone (Type C/Type D/Type E/Type F) (F-D7 DC TypeCD), Color Chrome, Style Type D
    01 x 5pc 1.4ml Boge 510D XXL Empty Cartomizer(2 colors) (C-A6 BG 510D XXL), Color Black, Resistance LR
    01 x Mini Vivi Nova Tank Clearomizer (2.5ml Tube & Long wick) (D-A8 Vivi Nova 2.5ml Kit), Color Purple, Model 2.5ml Vivi Nova Kit
    01 x Vision STV Nova Tank Clearomizer (3.5ml) (D-A2 STV Kit), Color Black, Model 3.5ml Vision STV Nova
    01 x eGo K Vision Compact Kit V2 in 30 styles (B-A9 eGo K) Style K4, Resistance 2.1-2.4
    02 x Colored Twisted Drip Tip for 510/901 (7 colors) (F-B6 Drip Tip Twisted), Color Black, shape Twisted
    04 x Empty Ejuice Bottle(childproof) (F-F4), Size 15ml, Material PE
    05 x Empty Ejuice Bottle(childproof) (F-F4) Size 30ml, Material PE
    04 x Empty Ejuice Bottle(childproof) (F-F4) Size 5ml, Material PE
    04 x Blunt needle for syringe (F-F0), Color Green, Size Long(XL)
    DHL Express.Normally 2-7 business days ($25.70)
    HealthCabin over $100 purchase Discount Coupon (HC05 5% off (-$6.02))
    Total: $140.02

    All times are local Sydney
    Update 13/03/2013:11:30pm: Order status changed (Shipped)
    Update 14/03/2013:13:30pm: Departed Facility in SHENZHEN
    Update 16/03/2013:05:00am: Departed Facility in HONG KONG
    Update 17/03/2013:19:30pm: Arrived at Sort Facility SYDNEY
    Update 18/03/2013:09:30am: Items Received

    Well I have to say I was pretty darn apprehensive about ordering vape products internationally but HealthCabin have gone a long way to alleviating all my fears. The purchase was in actual fact completely faultless, I wish every purchase Ive made online was this good, it has in fact been on par with purchases made from local suppliers.

    The shipping as can be seen above was pretty good although the box was a little crushed the packing material allowed everything to survive intact & DHL's tracking was outstanding. From my pov I can say without reserve that I highly recommend HealthCabin to anyone considering an international order for supplies.

    Update 19/03/2013:01:38am: Battery & Charger working fine.

    Keep up the good work HealthCabin & thank you.
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    Nice order, I hope you enjoy the fruits of the postie. You have enough stuff there to start your new addiction.



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