Joye 510 HV5/HV6 atomisers 5 USD

It is Genuine Joye product!

Note:Joye 510 High Voltage (HV5/HV6) atomisers Only for Professionals.

*HV5 atomisers' resistance : 4.2 ohm or so.
Work well only for 5V batteries, with a mark HV5 on the thread

*HV6 atomisers' resistance: 5.0 ohm or so.
Work well only for 6V batteries, with a mark HV6 on the thread

*HV5/HV6 atomisers can Not work on all joye 510/eGo/510 Tank/eGo Tank batteries and passthrough.

Simple packing

No Warranty! Accept DOA (Dead On Arrival)!