Joye 510 T kits with 220mah 510 T batteries in 10 colors

colors: black/white/stainless/titanium/blue/copper/pink/green/purple/red

The Joye510-T(Tank) e-cigarette apply the new tank system for dripping e-liquid directly into its 0.5ml tank cartridge without the use of tissue inside the tank.The revolutionary new e-cigarette makes dripping easier and less frustrating for consumers.
The Joye510-T atomisers can work well on 510 and ego batteries.

*Joye 510-T atomizer 2pc
*220mAh Joye 510-T Auto battery 2pc
*0.5ml Capacity Joye 510-T Semi-transparent Empty Cartridge 5pc
*AC-USB Adapter(US or Euro Plug) 1 pc
*Joye 510 T USB Adapter(ONLY for 510 T battery!NO cord) 1 pc
*Manual 1 pc

Fine gift box

Guarantee including: battery, atomizer
Guarantee period: Batteries(3 months) Atomizers(3 months)

Heads up about 510 T :
*510-T battery’s Cut-Off time: 5-6 seconds. It can be used again when flashing is over.

*When the LED on battery flashes 10 times, it indicates that the battery needs charging.

*510 T battery can be charged with exclusive USB Adapter for 510 T battery, 510 USB chargers and eGo USB chargers as well with no problems. All of them won’t damage 510 T battery.

*The LED on 510 T battery will turn on while charging. If the led does not turn on while charging, it indicates that the battery does not need to be charged. we strongly suggest you to charge 510 T battery when 510 T battery is drained.

*510 T battery can be fully charged only by exclusive 510 T adapter When battery is fully charged, the led on the battery will turn off.

*510 T battery can not be fully charged by 510 USB chargers and eGo USB chargers. the led on the battery won’t turn off. if you use 510 USB charger, we suggest to stop charging in 20-30 minutes. if you use ego USB charger, we suggest to stop charging in 60-90 minutes.

*Please fill 510 T empty carts with 1ml injectors.