Sigelei Mechanical Telescopic Mod (Recommendation for Veteran) $45.00

Sigelei Mechanical Telescopic Mod is highly recommmended because it is a real Mechanical MOD. It has no PCB inside it.

So the product's lifetime is much longer than other MOD containing PCB.

Plus the product can fit a single 18350 battery well and a single 18650 battery with a 18650 extension body tube.

Please read the warning carefully before your purchase.
* Users must use PROTECTED li-ion battery on the product.
* The product may explode if you use unprotected li-ion battery.
* We are NOT responsible for any damage caused by the misuse of the battery.
* Please do NOT use Stacking batteries in this MOD.
* Li-ion batteries on our site do not fit this MOD.
* The product is only for veteran. New users do not purcharse it.