Kamry K100 Mechanical Telescopic Mod (Recommendation for Veteran)- $40.00

K100 is a real Mechanical MOD. So the product's lifetime is much longer than other MOD containing PCB.
It has an advantage over Sigelei Mechanical Telescopic Mod that K100 can use Unprotected li-ion batteries with no worries.

Besides, each K100 comes with a protection chip.

The chip can protect the battery from short circuit and overcurrent, avoid the overheat of the li-ion battery, avoid explosion.

The chip can be use for 18650/18350/18500 li-ion battery.

The chip is easy to use. Just attach the magnetic chip to positive pole or negative pole of li-ion batteries.

The MOD can fit a single 18350 battery,a single 18500 battery or a single 18650 battery smoothly by adjusting the body.