Dear HC customers,

By request, we have been improving HC ejuice in taste and trying to make HC VG base ejuice in all flavors. new HC ejuice may taste differently more or less, compared with current HC ejuice.

We will send 50pc 10ml freebie of each flavor from now. each order can get 1pc FREE 10ml ejuice.

when you get the new HC ejuice, please let us know what you think on our forum or by emailing to if the new HC ejuice tastes good to most customers, we will sell new HC ejuice instead of current HC ejuice gradually and add new HC ejuice VG base to HC ejuice line soon.

Want a taste? please check New HC Ejuice FREE Samples get one freebie with your order together.

Enjoy new HC ejuice.

Health Cabin Team