3.7ml CE2 Giantomizer(v2) for 510/eGo/eGo T (3 windows) in 5 colors available

3.7ml CE2 Giantomizer(v2) for 510/eGo/eGo T (3 windows) 7 USD

Length with tip:77mm
capacity:max 3.7ml
Resistance: 2.6-2.8 ohm
color:matte black/stainless/blue/red/green

Note:syringes(E-juice Injector) are necessory to fill CE2 Giantomizsers! Each one has 3 windows, through which you can see the ejuice level easily.

Easy Guide on filling ejuice
1. Remove the soft flat tip
2. Hold the Giantomizer at 45 degree
3. Use injector or pipette to fill ejuice from either of 2 mini holes
4. Do NOT fill ejuice into the middle big hole
5. Do not add too much liquid to prevent leaking 3.7ml maximum
7. Put the CE2 tip back in the Giantomizer
8. At the first use puff + 20 times without inhaling the vapor
9. Refill Giantomizer when 90% empty
10. Use different Giantomizers for different flavor to avoid mixed flavor
11. Clean it with only Hot Water
12. Use up the ejuice within one week after you fill ejuice into Giantomizer