New ! Sigelei Mini Zmax VV/VW Mod $57.60

The Mini Zmax is a mini short version of Zmax Telescope V3,which accepts only 18350 unprotected li-ion battery.
* Adjust Voltage 3.0V to 6.0V in 0.1V increments
* Adjust Power 3.0W to 15W in 0.5 Watt increments
* 4A Output Limit
* OLED Displays Output Voltage, Output Power, Resistance, Battery Voltage, Power On/Off, LCD On/Off
* Short Circuit Protection
* Low Resistance Protection below 1.2ohms
* Low Voltage Protection below 3.4V (or 6.4V for stacked batts)
* Native EGO 510 connection and can fit most clearomizers with 510/eGo threading
* The telescope structure allows the product to accept a single 18350/18500/18650 unprotected li-ion battery.
The mini Zmax has an 8 feature menu which is accessed by pressing the fire button 3 times.
Menu order:
1.Out/On. Turns the device on or off.
2.Power/Voltage up. Raises the power or voltage up.
3.Power/Voltage Down. Lowers the power or voltage.
4.Battery Voltage. Shows remaining battery voltage.
5.LCD Display. Change what is diplayed on your screen during use. Resistance, Battery Voltage, or Output power/voltage
6.LCD on/off. Turns the LCD screen on or off during use.
7.Power / Voltage setting. Allows you to set the output to power(watts) or Voltage.
8.RMS & Mean Setting. Allows you to use RMS or Mean output for Power/Voltage. (RMS being the more accurate)

The product does not come with any li-ion batteries or chargers for li-ion batteries.