Joye eGo Starter Kit in 10 colors(650mAh & 900mAh & 1000mAh Batteries)

Each eGo 650mah/900mah/1000mah Starter kit includes the following:

*Joye510 atomizer(2-hole) 2pc
*3.7V 650mAh or 900mAh or 100mAh rechargeable Manual battery(White LED) 2pc
(One full-charged new 650mah battery can last about 6 hours; One full-charged new 900mah battery can last about 9 hours;one full-charged new 1000mah battery can last about 10 hours)
*Atomizer cover 2 pc
*AC-USB Adapter(US or Euro Plug) 1 pc
*Joye eGo Mega Powered USB Charger 1 pc
(It takes 2 hours/3hours/3.5hours to charge 650mah/900mah/1000mah batteies.)
*Joye eGo Pouch 1 pc
*English Manual 1 pc ( both 650mah kits and 900mah kits come with same manuals saying 650mah batteries.1000mah kits come universal manuals.)
*510 black flat prefilled cartridges (Marl High Flavor) 5 pc

Package : Fine gift box

*Length (cartridge and cover installed): 118mm (650mAh Battery length:71mm or 2 and 3/4 inches)
*Length (cartridge and cover installed): 133mm (900mAh Battery length:86mm or 3 and 3/8 inches)
*Length (cartridge and cover installed): 138mm (1000mAh Battery length:96mm or 3.78 inches)

NOTE: This is NOT the eGo Tank System. If you are interested in eGo Tank System, we recommend Joye eGo T(Tank) Starter KIT and Joye eGo-T 1000mah Deluxe Kit .

Joye eGo kit Quick Start Guide :
* The atomizers in this kit are Joye510 atomizer. The atomizer has a factory primer on it, which may produce a temporary unpleasant taste. Top your cartridge off with your own e-juice to mask the taste.
* both eGo 650mah and 900mah and 1000mah batteries can be charged with eGo mega USB charger or eGo PCC or 510 Wall chargers or 10 port chargers (You need an eGo charging adapter when being charged by 510 wall chargers or 10 port chargers) .
* If you want to charge eGo 650mah/900mah/1000mah batteries on car, please use Car-USB charger or universal car charging adapter.
*each kit comes with 5pc Marlboro 16mg black flat cartridges for 510 atomiser. you can buy round or flat empty cartridges and HC ejuice in various strengths and flavors to make prefilled cartridges yourself.

WARRANTY: Atomizers and batteries come with a 180 days warranty. That is 180 days from the time it gets delivered, not shipped. So it is a true 180 days warranty. If for any reason, within 180 days, you have problems with your electronic cigarette starter kit, its atomizers, or its batteries, we will replace the defective or malfunctioning part(s) freely via china airmail.