eGo T & 510D & Variable Passthrough Promotion Mix Kit - $57.60

Kit content:
10pc Boge 510D LR Cartomizer Black (resistance 2.0-2.2Ω/capacity 0.9ml)
2pc Black Joye eGo T 1000mAh Manual Battery (Output: 3.3V)
1pc eGo/510 Variable Passthrough (three voltages: 3.2V/3.7V/4.2V)
1pc Joye eGo Flat Mini Wall adapter (US-flat pin/EURO-round pin Output: 5V/500mA)
1pc Joye eGo/eGo T Mega Powered USB Charger (Output: DC 4.2V 420mA)
1pc Black eGo super (XL) Carry Case
Case size: Length 182mm (7.2in)/ Width 90mm (3.7in)/ Height 43mm (1.6in)
Colors: Black battery, Black 510D cartomizers, Silver passthrough
Package: eGo super (XL) Black Carry case

Why to choose:
*Rich content (2 batteries, 1 passthrough, 10 cartomizers)
*eGo super case, large enough to hold things you need
*Large eGo T battery capacity, longer vaping time
*Variable passthrough, three voltages to choose
*Reasonable and economical in price
*Great vapor production
*Easy to refill e-juice

How to refill:
*Remove the soft cap with tweezers
*Drop e-juice (Max 0.9ml) directly into the clean filler along the side
*Put the soft cap back

*DO NOT drop e-juice into the middle hole in case of airflow blocking
*Joye eGo Flat Mini Wall adapter is only compatible with eGo Mega USB charger.

How to use eGo variable passthrough:
*Press the manual switch to activate. (Blue LED, 3.2V)
*Press the manual switch for four consecutive times to swap if you want (Purple LED, 3.7V).
*Wait until the LED light flashes for five times, then vape.
*Press the switch for another four consecutive times to swap to another voltage, if you want. (Red LED, 4.2V)
*Wait until the LED light flashes for five times, then vape.
*Press another 4 consecutive times, the battery will swap back. (From red to blue LED, 4.7V to 3.2V)
*The passthrough is not a battery, has no capacity and could not store any electricity.
*It must be used and only can be used on computers. Please remember it CAN NOT work with universal AC-USB adapters.
*The passthrough is compatible with atomizers/ cartomizers higher than 2.0ohm. It is tested to be able to work with Boge 510D LR cartomizer and Joye 510 LR atomizer as well. We do not ensure that other LR atomizers/cartomizers could match with this.

Tips: The center pin inside the passthrough is stretchable. If the atomizer or cartomizer can not work on the battery, it may because of the poor contact between them. Please use tweezers to pull up the center pin inside battery and then screw the atomizer/ cartomizer into battery again.

*Joye eGo T Battery and eGo Variable passthrough come with a 90 days warranty. That is 90 days from being delivered, not shipped. So it is a true 90 days warranty. If for any reason, within 90 days, you have problems with the batteries, we will replace the defective or malfunctioning part(s) via china airmail freely.
*The Boge 510D cartomizer, eGo charger, adapter and case accept DOA (dead on arrival) only. If they are dead on arrival, there is no need to send them back, but make sure to contact us within 48hrs. We will send you a replacement via China Airmail freely