Joye 510 T(Tank) 220mAh Kit with Logo in new boxes

Color: black/white/stainless/titanium/copper/red/green/blue/purple/pink
Package: Joye logoed gift box

Kit content: (all logoed products except Flat Mini USB wall charger AU plug )
Joye 510 T atomizer (resistance 2.2 ohm) 2pc
Joye 510 auto 220mAh battery (capacity 220mAh) 2pc
Joye 510 T empty cartridge (capacity 0.9ml) 5pc
Joye flat mini USB wall charger(US/EU/UK/AU plug)1pc
Joye 510 USB charger 1pc
Manual 1pc

Why to choose?
Everything in 510 T series is included in one kit
100% genuine Joye product, great quality and long warranty period
Tank system, no filler inside, more sanitary
Good vapor production and good taste

How to refill?
Insert the cartridge tightly into the atomizer to puncture the middle thin layer
Inject the e-juice from the punctured hole into cartridge
Insert the atomizer into the cartridge and then upside down

How to charge?
*Screw the battery into the 510 USB charger
*Then insert into a computer USB port
*Or insert them into the flat mini USB wall charger then charging on a socket.

Note: The battery inside is new Joye 510 auto battery, which is not sensitive to airflow and much better than the old version.