Driptips are designed for you to use atomizers more convenient and easier, with which you can directly drop some e-juice directly into atomizers instead of using cartridges. Healthcabin provide diverse driptips for you to choose. We have driptips for 901, 510, 801 and 306 threading atomizers. They are divided into different types, including transparent and nontransparent, soft and hard, flat and round, delrin aluminum and chrome.

here goes a list of various driptips for 510/901 at www.healthcabin.net.

510/901 Transparent Driptip in 7 colors 0.9

Delrin/Silica gel hard or soft Driptip for 510/901 1 usd

510/901 Aluminum round or flat driptip in 9 colors 1 usd

510/901 Chrome Driptip (TypeⅠ/TypeⅡ/Type Ⅲ) 1.5 usd

510/901 Clear Driptip with colored ribbon (6 colors) 1.5 usd

White ceramic driptip for 510/901 2.5 usd

Colored Vase Driptip for 510/901 (7 colors) 2.5 usd