Cartomizers Tryout Combo Ⅱ(Large Capacity,6 kinds)

Each order can get Only 1pc Tryout Combo! Thanks for your understanding!

Color: black, stainless and clear mixed in one kit
Best match: Joye eGo T battery
Style: 510 threading
Package: eGo super (XL) carry case (black)

Kit content:
*HC eGo Dual Coil Cartomizer (Stainless,1.5-1.7ohm,4ml) 2pc
*3.7ml CE2 Giantomizer (Stainless,3windows, 2.6-2.8 ohm, 3.7ml) 2pc
*3.5ml Clear Giantomizer (Clear, 2.8-3.0ohm, 3.5ml) 2pc
*ECHO Cartomizer (Stainless,no logo,2.4-2.7ohm, 2.3ml) 2pc
*Joye eGo Cartomizer (Black,2.2ohm, 2ml) 2pc
*CE2 XL ceramic cartomizer (Stainless,2.6-2.8ohm, 1.8ml) 2pc
*eGo super (XL) carry case (black) 1pc

Why to choose?
*All 6 cartomizers are of big capacity (Range: 1.8ml-4ml), last for a long time before refilling
*All cartomizers are 510 threading, and resistance varies from 1.5 to 3.0ohm, all work well with Joye eGoT batteries
*Remaining e-juice is visible in 2 out of the 6 big capacity cartomizers

How to refill e-juice?
Joye eGo Cartomizer:
*Use tweezers to remove the two plastic caps
*Puncture the middle pointed end with a sharp needle
*Inject e-juice into the cartomizer from the punctured middle hole
*Put the two caps back in the right order
For CE2 XL ceramic cartomizer and 3.7ml giantomizer:
* Remove the cap(s) with tweezers (CE2 XL has one inner and one top cap.)
* Inject e-juice from the side small hole
* Put the cap(s) back
For 3 others:
* Remove the tip
* Drip e-juice into the tube along the side
* Put the tip back

* Please DO NOT drip/inject e-juice into the middle big hole and block airflow
*We have been and will continue to launch more types of cartomizer combo kits such as 808 threading, best-selling cartomizers, and mini cartomizer kits. Please keep an eye on us.