Color: black
Best match: Joye eGo T battery/ 650mAh VV (variable voltage) battery
Style: 510 threading
Package: eGo super (XL) carry case (black)

Kit content:
* Dual Coil Cartomizer for 510/eGo (1.50.2ohm, 1.6ml, black,no logo) 2pc
* Boge 510D cartomizer (2.7-3.1ohm, 0.9ml, black) 2pc
* Boge LR 510D cartomizer (2.0-2.2ohm, 0.9ml, black) 2pc
* Kanger Horizontal Coil Cartomizer (1.9-2.0ohm, 0.9ml, black) 2pc
* CE2 Ceramic Cartomizer (2.6-2.8 ohm, 0.6ml, black) 2pc
* Joye 510 Cartomizer (2.2ohm, 1.1ml, black) 2pc
* Triple Coil Cartomizer (1.60.2 ohms, 1.6ml, black) 2pc
* Blunt needle for CE2 (green) 1pc
* eGo super (XL) carry case (black) 1pc

Why to choose?
*All 7 cartomizers are 510 threading, and small in size and capacity
*7 cartomizers have the same diameter, all compatible with 510 driptips
* 5 of them are low resistance cartomizers, and two of them are regular ones, all produce great vapor and throat hit on eGo T and 650mAh VV batteries.
* There is a triple coil cartomizer which has optimum performance on 5V manual USB passthrough.

How to refill e-juice?
Joye 510 Cartomizer:
*Use tweezers to remove the inner and top plastic caps
*Puncture the middle pointed end with a sharp needle
*Inject e-juice into the cartomizer from the punctured middle hole
*Put the two caps back in the right order
For CE2 ceramic cartomizer:
* Remove the inner and top caps tweezers
* Inject e-juice from the side small hole
* Put the two caps back

For 4 others:
*Remove the tip
* Drip e-juice into the tube along the side
* Put the tip back