ECHO Starter Kit - $39.90

Unit: set
Shipping weight:330g
Color: black/stainless
Package: eGo black Medium (M) Carry Case

Kit content:
*ECHO Cartomizer (without logo, Resistance: 2.4-2.7ohm Capacity: 2.3ml) 5pc
*1300mAh ECHO Battery (Volt: 4.2V charging time: around 5 hours) 2pc
*420mA eGo Universal USB Charger (without cord, Output: 4.2V /420mA) 1pc
*eGo Medium (M) Carry Case 1pc

Why to choose?
*The ECHO Battery and cartomizer are the original and best match for each other
*Large battery (1300mAh) and cartomizer capacity (2.3ml), longer vaping time between refills and recharges
*High volt, huge vapor, clean and pure taste, easy to refill e-juice, suitable for beginners as well as veterans

How to refill?
*Remove the tip
*Drip e-juice along the side into the filler
*Put the tip back
* Please do not drip any e-juice into the middle hole as it will block the airflow.
* Itís better to let the cartomizer stand for a few minutes to allow juice to completely settle.

How to charge?
*Screw the ECHO battery into the eGo universal USB charger
*Insert charger into a USB port on computer
*Or insert charger into an AC-USB adapter and then plug into a socket

How do these LED lights act during charging?
*The LED light on the charger is green once it connects to a power source then it turns to red and keeps blinking every 6 seconds while charging. When charging finishes, the light will turn to green again.
*The LED light on ECHO battery blinks for several times at first and goes out all the way until charging finishes.

Note:The ECHO battery can not work with LR (lower than 2.2ohm) atomizer/cartomizer.