Style: 510/eGo threading
Color: Black/Stainless
Package: eGo Black Medium (M) Carry Case
Kit size: length: 180mm/7.1in; width75mm /3.0in; height 40mm/ 1.6in

Kit content:
*650mAh V V (variable volt) battery (volt: 3.2-3.7-4.2V) 2pc
*Dual Coil Cartomizer (without logo) (Resistance: 1.5ohm /Capacity: 1.6ml) 5pc
*500mA eGo universal USB charger with cord (Output: 4.2V DC 500mA) 1pc
*eGo Black Medium (M) Carry Case 1pc
*ego cover with no logo 2pc
*510/901 black delrin driptip 2pc

Why to choose?
*The cartomizers and batteries in this kit are tested to have great performance.
* The kit contains two 650mAh V.V. batteries with which you can easily swap between three different volts just with simple presses.
*Dual coil cartomizer with one extra heating coil produces tons of vapor and great throat hit.

How to refill e-juice?
*Remove the tip
*Drip e-juice along the side into the filler
*Put the tip back
* Please do not drip any e-juice into the middle hole as it will block the airflow.
* It’s better to let the cartomizer stand for a few minutes to allow juice to completely settle.

How to use the battery?
*The battery comes with the default mode of 3.2V
*Give the switch button for 5 quick clicks, the LED ring will turn from red to half red half blue and also the voltage will swap from 3.2V to 3.7V.
*Repeat 5 quick clicks, the LED ring will turn from half red half blue to blue and the voltage swap from 3.7V to 4.2V.
*Give another 5 quick clicks, the LED ring will turn from blue back to red and volt will shift from 4.2V back to 3.2V

How to charge?
*Screw the battery into an eGo USB charger
*Charge it on a USB port of your computer or on a universal AC-USB adapter

How do indicator lights act while charging?
*The LED ring on battery blinks for three times at first, and then remains on while charging; finally it goes out when charging finishes.
*The red LCD screen on battery keeps flashing while charging, and it also goes out when charging finishes.
*The LED light on charger is red when charging and will turn to green when charging finishes.