Joyetech Gift Pen (Free for Orders over 250 USD)

Brand: Joye
Unit: pc
Shipping weight:500g(actual weight:95g)

Note: The shipping weight here for the pen is not its actual weight(95g).We set it intentionally to aviod mis-orders. As the pen is a free sample for orders over 250USD, which enjoy free shipping, so no matter what the weight is, there will be no shipping charge. However, for orders less than 250USD, 500g will cause additional shipping cost. Hope you can understand.
Each order can get Only 1pc Free Joyetech Gift Pen!

Color: black (black box)/ blue (blue box)
Stock: blue 25/ black 25
Package: Joyetech gift box

How to get that?
All orders OVER 250 USD are entitled to one free sample. But you have to add it into your cart and check out together with other products.

*The special gift pen is only available while stocks last.
*First come, first serve.
Warranty: Free Sample,No warranty!