Unit: pc
Shipping weight:75g
Capacity: 650mAh
Volt: 3.2V (red LED ring) /3.7V (half red and half blue LED ring) /4.2V (blue LED ring)
Color: black/stainless
Removeable cord length: 780mm(30.7in)(Max)
Package: passthrough in box, usb cord in plastic ziplock bag

Why to choose:
*This is a bi-functional device with a battery inside and a USB port which can both store power and also vape while charging on computers.
*There are three volts available in this passthrough easily swapping between 3.2-3.7-4.2V by quick clicks
*When the battery is working on computer, the volt is stable all the way.
*The USB cord is removeable and retractable which is more convenient.

How to use?
*Screw off the bottom cap
*Insert the USB cord into the bottom of the passthrough and connect to a USB port on computer.
*Or detach the USB port and use the battery separately.

How does LED ring and bottom LED light act?
Bottom LED light:
The light is and will remain red once the passthrough is connected to a computer.
LED ring:
*The battery comes with the default mode of 3.2V, red LED ring.
*Give the switch 5 quick clicks each time to swap volt from 3.2 to 3.7 to 4.2V, in the mean time, to shift LED ring from red to half red half blue to blue.

How to use the retractable USB cord?
You can extend the USB cord at any length you want. When the cord reaches the maximum length, try to pull it again and then it will retract back automatically.