hi Guys:
thanksgiven day is coming, this festival reminds us of everything and requires us to look back, no matter good or bad, because all these make us grow up, from a naughty boy to a man can bear everything.
Healthcabin just likes a man, who was a naughty boy years before, then grows up with you help. we are very proud that when you guys are satisfied with our products, our service.....but we are never dispirited by your complaints, beause we know these are real things make us be stronger and only we can do is help all customers solve problems they met, some are not very hard for us, some are not easy for us, we never say no, because we know, one lose to customer is 100%, but for us, maybe just 1%, we can take it.
actually we want to know more about you and help you solve more problem, we welcome any complain and advice!!
how about telling us your problem? if you have any dissatisfaction about us, contact us please.
From today on, we will encourage complaints and advice, any of them will get a free gift( only send with new order ).
contact us by ticket or email (support@healthcabin.com)