KangerTech Kbox 200W is a variable wattage device with a range of 7 watts to 200 watts.
It's also a temperature control device with a range of 200F to 600F and support for nickel, titanium, and nichrome in temperature control mode.
It will be compatible with all 22mm atomizers, such as Toptank Nano Atomizer, Horizon Arctic V8 Atomizer,Joyetech Cubis Atomizer & Aspire Cleito Atomizer.

Following KangerTech Box Mods are also available now:

A. Kbox Mini Platinum TC 60W
B. KBox Mini 50W
C. KBox 40W Silver
D. KBox 40W Black
E. Kbox 70W (Sold out, accept preorders)
F. Kbox 120W (Sold out, accept preorders)