Dear Health Cabin and representatives of the company.

Over many years we have had a good interaction between yourselves and the forum , However it has come to my attention that your agents are abusing the PM system by utilising it to ask if people want to review your products and to contact you offsite via an email address

The Account THEA has been permanently banned for doing this ...

If in the future there are further interactions of this type via the PM system , then I will be left with no recourse other than to end the relationship between AVF and Health Cabin , and cancel the MAIN account Health Cabin Support

I do not wish to do this , but in your flagrant breaking of the site rules I will be left with no other alternative

As proof of the interaction outlined I quote a received PM from Thea

Quote Originally Posted by Thea
Hi, I'm Thea a social media analyst from HealthCabin which is the number 1 e-cigarettes online distributor. I have noticed you are very popular in the forum, and we wonder if you would be interested in reviewing our product. Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you! Email address: kai***.**
(email address modified so it cannot be used from here)