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    VOOPOO Alpha I, Born to Salute the Classic iphone

    Do you guys still remember what had happened in Sept 13? iphone 8 and iphone x unveiled this day. As an Apple fans, how can I miss this event? At the same time, one designer of VOOPOO Alpha I(we will call him Mr.VP in following) had been waiting for it a long time. However, he was a little disappointed to the newest iphones as Cook has yielded to the trend instead of what they always stick to-innovation.

    Look at the picture below, do you really differentiate the iphone 8 and iphone 7.

    Mr.VP is a big fan of Jobs, the legendary figure in IT who regards his work as a carving. By adhering the same idea, he developed the Alpha I which can also compare to the classic in vaping.

    He said, “after Apple released Siri on iphone4s, I personally thought that Jobs time was over, while post-Jobs age has come to the stage, Alpha I is the very one that I pay homage to Jobs and the classical iphone 4s.” (BTW, Mr.VP still preordered the iphone x)

    Then, let’s know more about this legendary device.

    VOOPOO Alpha I 222W Box Mod is a versatile box mod catering to all users, from beginners to advanced vapers, powered by the super US Gene Fun chip with dual 18650 batteries.

    Accurately pulsed power output max 222w under LOVE mode. Cool, clean, all-metal box fast and fastest fire speed - 0.025s. You can always keep the mod up-to-date with upgradeable firmware too so you will never miss anything new.

    The attractive appearance is another feature that makes this mod simply irresistible.

    Now, buy VOOPOO Alpha I with the coupon code: asvp2, you will enjoy a great saving up to 30%. Grab this chance, you deserve it, SHOP IT HERE.
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    1st impressions. I haven't fired mine up as yet, waiting on batteries. Aesthetically it looks more like one of the first mini cassette dictaphones brought out way back or a walkman. Very boxy. The battery cover is an aluminium alloy 'L' shape and would not take small abuses well, it will bend out of shape readily. I'll post a review soon where they belong thread.
    Awwww! Stuff it all!

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