I cannot call myself a fan of FreeMax. Despite the fact that the manufacturer has already released quite a lot of various devices, I have not found a single one for myself till the Fireluke come out, I dare say it ranks among top 3 of my list. (click here for fireluke review)

After a great success of Fireluke,FreeMax launched their next Firelord tank. What’s the difference between them? Which one is worth buying? well, let's get acquainted with the atomizer through a form and then tell me your choice.

Alright, everything in these sets are smooth. The mainly difference between these I think it’s the capacity and compatible coils, vapors who pursue massive fog should be more interested in fireluke, while for the newbie to vape, they are more likely to buy firelord.

Not long ago, Freemax started to sell starter kit -Conqueror 80W Resin Mod Kit which goes with firelord tank, a good kit for starter, what makes it different is that the whole kit uses resin material.

A short summary of Firelord and Fireluke, no matter you have been vaping for a long time or new in vape, there are always a tank for you, and welcome to share your opinion on this.

Then, what’s your choice?

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