A good mod is the key to bring you superb vaping experience. Although manufactures compete to develop a marketable device, rarely have one owns both appearance and performance. Today, I list top 5 mod that are all the combination of look and function,if you are an enthusiast of vape, you cannot miss these.

TOP1 Sigelei Kaos Z 200W Box Mod

Sigelei Kaos Z 200W although shares the same name with kaos spectrum, visually they are completely different to one another, with the Kaos Z chassis comprised of a lightweight zinc alloy construction featuring transparent side panels that provide full visibility to the installed chipset and battery bay. This aesthetic is further enhanced by colorful LED lights and a full color TFT screen that offers a horizontal display. (click here for sigelei kaos z review)

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TOP2 Wismec Reuleaux RX GEN3 300W Box Mod

Designed by Jaybo, the new WISMEC RX GEN3 is the third generation in the Reuleaux family. Powered by triple 18650 batteries, the RX GEN3 provides a maximum output power of 300W. The ergonomically designed fire button brings an excellent hand feeling for users. It also features a dual circuit protection to make for a safe vaping experience. The huge 1.3-inch OLED display shows the menu and statistics in a clear way. Strong and powerful, the RX GEN3 is definitely an ideal device for cloud chasers! 5 colors available. (click here for reuleaux rx gen3 review)

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TOP3 Sigelei Snowwolf Vfeng 230W Box Mod

Snowwolf vfeng 230w TC mod, its design feeling comes from Mechanical shape robot, with the Big 1.30-inch TFT screen, Changeable color screen and Changeable LED SNOWWOLF LOGO, it will bring you scientific and technological vaping experience.

1. Mechanical shape with scientific and technological sense


3. Big 1.30-inch TFT screen

4. Robot Design

5. Changeable color screen

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TOP4 Asvape Michael 200W Box Mod Devils Night Edition

Asvape Michael 200W Box Mod Devils Night Edition, what catches my eyes is their printed pattern, hardly had I see the unique mod which is full of JAP Style, well, I have to mention its younger brother-Walking Dead mod, they run the same price of $110.00, which is a bit high,
but when you have it in hand, you know the reason...


1.The devils night picture is drawn by a famous illustrator.

2.VO200 chipset, real wattage, firing without delay, 200W 2x 18650 balance charge, VPC model.

3.Sliding battery door.

4.The gold plating plates can assist the box cooling down. (The top metal plate will become warm but not hot)

5.Support software upgrading and customized LOGO

6.Safe Function: Anti-Dry Burning Technology /Low Battery Voltage Protection / Low Resistance Protection /Reverse Polarity Protection / Short Circuit Protection / Auto Shut-off

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TOP5 SXmini G Class 200W Box Mod Camouflage

SXmini G Class 200W Box Mod Camouflage is dual 18650 battery device,which maximum can reach to 200 watts but small size. With APP control, you can check all parameters accurately at your mobile phone, click here to download APP. Also, it also supports firmware upgrade to keep your G Class following up the new updates, click here to download upgrading file.

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