As it is easy to guess, the main emphasis here was on the appearance of Kaos Z. The boxing turned out to be something cosmic and the first impression here is very strong. Honestly, I even have an assumption that the designers were inspired by the theme of Transformers, but this is not certain.

All the noise here is because of the transparent body panels. if you guys feel it seems to meet before,Smoant launced two types of Mod which are alike lookings with Kaos z, yes,Rabox and Rabox Mini, all the Box Mods with transparent panels with colorful light.

Miracles ended in the design part. With the TTX guys decided not to be too sophisticated and put their standard fee. The device also knows how much of its competitors in the market and something unusual I do not see here. Although, the convenience definitely adds a large color display, but we've already seen it in a bunch of other boxes from Sigelei.
But personnally speaking, it's Transformers-like appearance is the bonus in this mod, whether it is inspired by that.