6v Variable Voltage MOD Body & Controler

It allows you to use almost all 510 threaded atomizers or cartomizers with a standard 18650 Li-ion battery. It is easy to adjust the power and vapor levels from 3.0v to 6.0v in increments of 0.1v.

Each MOD contains:
1pc controler
1pc body for 18650 Li-ion battery

How to use?
* Put a standard li-ion 18650 battery inside the lavatube body
* Screw an atomizer or cartomizer to the body
* Long press the - button 3 times and turn the screen into showing voltage
* Press the - button and the + button to adjust the voltage
* After you set up the voltage, please press main button and vape.

Please note:
* The body only fit standard 18650 Li-ion battery, which length is 65mm. Most protected 18650 Li-ion batteries including the protected 18650 battery (2600mAh) on our site can not fit the body.
* Please put the li-ion battery in the right way and make sure that the positive pole is to the controler.
* The output voltage may vary from 5.5v to 6v only when using atomziers 3.0ohm.
* If you use atomizers less than 3.0ohm, the voltage may vary from 4.5v-4.8v