Hi vapefam,

If youíre familiar with HC flavors, it comes this time holding the goal that provides you with more superb vaping experience and makes your vape DIY fun and easy.

If youíre not familiar, itís ok, letís get the acquaintances

Vapelf, developed from the brand HC, aims to make your DIY making fun and easy. Vapelf flavors are divided into 11 taste categories: Berries, Fresh ; Fruity, Tropicals, Mango, Nutty, Mints, Coffee, Sweets, Vanillas, Milks & Creams, and Vegetables. In total there are over 60 flavors. We are providing also sweetners, PG, VG and nicotine booster to meet your DIY needs.

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Recommend several vape flavors without nicotine for your choice

10ml Vapelf Mints Concentrated Flavors

10ml Vapelf Berries Concentrated Flavors

10ml Vapelf Tropicals Concentrated Flavors

100ml Vapelf Nutty Concentrated Flavors

100ml Vapelf Mango Concentrated Flavors

Check the vape flavors list here

Note: The flavorings are highly concentrated and cannot be used directly. Please use them with Unflavored eLiquid in different strength to DIY your own eliquid.
Recommended vape flavors diy ratio: 5%-15%, this format is not fixed, customers can adjust it based on personal preference.

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