5pc Vision 2.0 Replaceable Ego Clearomizer for 808 $19.50

Designed for most eGo batteries with 808 threading like mini eGo batteries for 808(Coming soon). It works same great as Vision eGo Clearomizer V3 (Exchangeable & Detachable). It produces cleaner taste and greater vapor because of no filler. Ejuice level totally visible. No break or leakage. It can work with KR808d-1 batteries.

The Vision 2.0 biggest advantage is its detachable tube and coil head. If a clearomizer does not work well, you do not need to throw away the whole vision clearomizer. Just replace a coil or a tube. The clearomizer will work like a new one. Save Money!

The Vision 2.0 uses the same Coil Head for Vision eGo Clearomizer V3