We are glad to inform you that Joyetech eVic starter kits are available now. Limited supply!!!

First come first serve

Joyetech eVic VV/VW starter kit - $109.20

eVic is the latest Variable Voltage/Watt Vaporizer from Joyetech, the leading electronic cigarette company.

eVic is highly recommended because of the following great features:

1. You can adjust the output power from 2.0W to 12W and the output voltage from 3.0V to 5.0V by yourself. The limit of output current is 2.5A.
2. eVic can be easily charged with the dedicated USB cable, and the USB cable can connect with wall adaptor or computer.
3. eVic use a visual operating display, so you can operate it easier.
4. eVic has a 510/eGo threading and is compatible with all Joyetech 510/eGo/eGoT/eGoC atomizers and most clearomizers with 510 threading.
5. eVic has a sepcial software MVR (My Vapor Record) to record all the information starting from the day you use it.

How to use eVic?
Please check graphic instruction.